Cassidy Walker pursues photography with an eye on contemporary identity and the nature of representation. Her photos are vibrant and sharp and will endure as a source of inspiration for years to come.


As a fashion photographer, her pictures are bright, emphasizing the model's natural attributes giving them a beautiful, candid look. This comes from her own love for fashion. Cassidy's technique allows her to take sensitive, open and vulnerable photos of everyone who models for her. Her fashion photography helps define the look of fashion and how we perceive it, new trends and her models stories.


As a family and senior portrait photographer, her pictures focus on atmosphere and details with an aim to create lasting expressive portraits. She finds inspiration in real people and their stories.

Grounded in greater Tri-Cities, WA, to being invited to New York Fashion Week, she has had the experience  to address any area of photography.

For questions and inquiries, you can reach Cassidy at 509.392.2981 or

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Fashion Photography 


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